Inspire Today - Rappel for Junior Achievement

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Information For Rappellers - Fundraising Tips

1.  Start Now!
This event will be here before you know it. Don't push your fundraising until the last minute. Kick it into high gear NOW! You're not going to want to miss the rewards for you and the charities

2. Get Your Self Organized!
Make yourself an email schedule so you can block off time to reach out to your prospects. Keep your emails interesting and to the point. 

Some email examples could be:
• Add in some information about the charities they will be supporting. Browse their websites and mention some great things they are doing in the community
• Let them know your progress! Giving an update on how close you are to your goal and how much more you need to raise is motivating for everyone involved
• Explore the Over the Edge website. There are so many great videos and photos just waiting to be shared

3. Get a little help from your friends
Your friends low in cash? That's ok! Get them to help by spreading your fundraising campaign like wildfire. Have everyone share a direct link to your fundraising page and watch those dollars roll in.

4. We didn't think you were the shy type
My friend, sometimes you have got to switch it up! Consider getting in front of your camera and let the internet know why you are doing this. Videos are engaging and fun to share. #nofilter #itssafemom

5. Be Creative (be-be creative)
• Have some community connections? Ask them to donate gift certificates and prizes to spike donations
• How? Update your email signature and twitter for a week to say, "Everyone who donates to me this week will be in a draw to win___"
• Then, get in front of the camera again and draw the name! It's a win-win